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Kelly D.

My family and I were given Tony's office number from a friend. Tony had done work at their house and they couldn't stop bragging about him. We were happy we had a recommendation but weren't sure if he would be able to help us as our job was very complicated. Our son has Williams Syndrome (to see more about our son, view him at TylerJoseph.net We had been in Florida and been introduced to a product called "Wet-Dek". Wet-Dek is a series of water spouts that shoot up from the ground creating a water playground for children. We contacted several pool companies but only one was willing to take on the job. We were having an in-ground pool installed at the same time which Tony handled all the masonry and landscape at the same time. Right from the first day, Tony helped put our mind at ease. His professionalism, kindness and easy-going way made the tough days seem easy. Since there were no other systems on Long Island, we were learning as we went. One of the biggest concerns was having Tony work hand in hand with the pool company. People always say how hard it is to get your contractor on site when you need him. It was amazing there wasn't a day I needed him that he didn't make himself available to me. It was obvious his years of experience gave him insights into the best way to handle things. Even when our pool company admitted they weren't exactly sure what to do. Tony came in and fixed the problem. More than just his abilities, I was impressed with his generosity and attention he gave to not only me but my son and daughter. The day he brought us pizza or stopped the ice cream man to buy not only for his crew but my children and snack or taking time to show us several different options while the project was unfolding. The end result has been a joy for us and everyone who has come to our house. We are so grateful to have found Tony and his crew. We would recommend him to anyone. In fact, he just looked at a project for my brother.

Nicole A. from Rocky Point

I was given Romans number from a friend of mine where I teach middle school. I had just bought my first home and was totally overwhelmed. When Tony arrived he immediately noticed a drainage problem that the house inspector had brought to my attention. My home is twenty feet below street level and drainage and usable space is very important. Tony was able to implement a plan which we did in stages to fit my budget. He was able to use the sloping land and turned what could have been a negative into a positive. While he was working on my house I was waiting for two ceramic tile contractors to come by and give me an estimate. Neither showed up or even called. I was outside venting my frustration when Tony said "Let me take a look." I was amazed when he and his men stayed until 9pm to do my tile. It came out great and he has done all the tile in my house. What a relief it was to find someone who can do just about anything and do it professionally. I have recommended Tony to all of my colleagues and friends who are all thrilled with his work. How nice it is to not have to worry about whom to call in the future!

Joan S. from Nesconset

Seven years ago we decided to start landscaping our home. We had no experience hiring a landscape contractor. After meeting 4 contractors and having another 5 never show up for their appointment, we were frazzled. The contractors who showed up all had very few ideas. They all wanted to plant straight lines of arborvitaes. We were trying to add privacy and color interest to our pool area. What frustrated me even more was the way they treated me because I was a woman. We had almost given up when several weeks later we noticed one of Roman Land Designs ads in a local paper. The photo and copy really caught our eyes. Tony came by on a Sunday and spent an hour showing us pictures and giving us ideas. The other contractors who had come by were in and out as fast as they could. What impressed me were the little things Tony did. He took his shoes off when he came in our house. He listened to what we were saying and combined our ideas with his abilities. What started seven years ago as a small job has transformed our property into a show place. Our home is on a busy corner and every day we see people driving slow or stopping to look at our landscapes. Not a week goes by without someone complimenting Tony's work. This past year Tony built us a two sided water feature. We have the most beautiful pondless waterfall to one side and a huge waterfall and koi pond on the other. Water is visible from all sides. It is breathtaking. This year we're working with Tony on a two sided outdoor fireplace, which we can enjoy from both our patio and pool area. Tony has become a trusted friend. Someone you can put your faith in. If you need proof just drive past our home at 24 Audubon Street in Nesconset. Right on the corner of Eklund blvd and Audubon St.

The Luchese Family from Manorville

My Family and I had seen Roman's Work at a house in our neighborhood and we were very impressed. From the looks of the work we had assumed that it would be way out of our budget. We had already gotten three estimates that were all over 70,000! On a whim we decided to call Roman just to see what ideas they would have. After 15 minutes with Tony we were sold. His ideas were leaps and bounds over his competition. His price was literally half of the lowest bid we had received. His visions turned our barren yard into an oasis. Pergola, waterfall, stone patios, and colorful plantings were all melded together perfectly. Somehow he was able to blend the natural surroundings with his ideas. We couldn't be happier with the end result. If you only call one company make it Roman. They'll turn your dreams into reality!

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